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How To Start My Essay On Success: Composing A Brilliant Introduction

The first paragraph should be something special. There should be the promise of learning and a touch of the topic as well. You are about to find out what belongs in a well-composed introduction. This information will serve you well your entire life. You will always need to write things, and they will all require a beginning. Learning how to begin properly is just a matter knowing what goes into the intro and what not to do. Here are a few things to make sure your intro has.

What Goes Into the First Paragraph?

  • An actual introduction of the topic
  • Something to hook the reader
  • Some information on your topic

An Actual Introduction of the Topic

When you write your first paragraph, you have actually to introduce the topic to the reader. What is this essay about? In this case it would be a success, so you would tell the reader that the essay is about success. It is not just enough to simply state this as a fact though. You have to have something of substance to say when you do introduce the topic.

Something to Hook the Reader

You also want the reader to want to read what you have to say. If the essay is for school than the more the teacher wants to continue reading, the better your grade will be as he or she was interested in what you were saying. Make the topic sound special and promise them a real experience if they read your essay. Promise them that they will learn something they didn’t know before or something they will want to know about success. This will hopefully hook them and make them want to read on as well.

Some Information on Your Topic

You have to tell the reader, is very basic terms, what the essay is about. What about success will you talk about here? Also though, be careful not to give too much away. You want to hint at what they will learn or experience without telling them everything before the essay truly begins. It is a delicate balance.

As long as your first paragraph has these three things than it should really shine and be the perfect introduction to your topic. Without all three elements though, it will either be lackluster or in the case of the last one, too much. You want it to be just right.

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