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Composing an Informative Essay About Chocolate: A List of Good Topics

Everyone loves chocolate. And it comes in so many different choices: semi-sweet, dark, white, and milk. It is universally loved. If you are assigned a paper on this topic, never fear, the title options are simply endless.

Chocolate Titles

  • Milk style

  • White style

  • Bitter sweet

  • Who discovered it?

  • The masters of the field

  • Germans and their sweets

  • People and their flavor choices

  • Books about it

  • Poems about it

  • Controversies about it

  • The Chocolate War

  • Like Water Like Chocolate

  • The beauty of truffles

  • Whitman’s history

  • Godiva and all the delicious choices

  • Coffee-the many sub-flavors

  • Cakes

  • Cookies

  • Fudge

  • Willie Wonka

  • Paired with wine

  • Sea Salt and such

  • Jalapenos and such

  • Oranges dipped in the delicacy

  • The film Chocolat

  • The Chocolate Store

  • Making Trifle

  • Melting, not Burning It

  • The magic of Cote d’Ivoire

  • Is it addictive

  • Is it healthy for you

You will want to decide if you are using persuasive (the best kind or the best company), comparison and contrast (two kinds, two companies, or two flavors), descriptive( flavors and such), informative (also different arenas), instructional (how to make it, pick it, and use it), or reviews (companies and flavors).

You will need resources beyond eating it. And you will need to have in-text citations, reference pages, and all the other things the teacher may ask you for in her instructions.

Know if it is MLA or APA format and know how to do it. Remember there are other styles; these are just the most popular. Find out if your teacher wants an outline or other supplemental materials. Also keep your tone formal throughout the piece. Chocolate can be formal or informal, but the paper has to be written in a formal tone for academic reasons. The only way this may be changed is if the paper is to be in narrative style.

If at any point, you find you are lagging behind in this piece, go see your teacher or hire professional help. Since this topic is so light-weight, it should be an easier topic to compose for those people who struggle with compositions. If you have to read it out loud or present it, then bring small candies to distribute (if your school allows) to your classmates on your assigned day.

As you look to compose this piece, feel free to use any one of our innovative and fresh topic ideas.


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