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A List Of 8th Grade Essay Topics You Should Consider

Writing an essay in the 8th grade is not only a way for your teacher to assess your grasp of collecting facts and turning them into a compelling paper, but it also great practice; you will be expected to write essays in your future academic career. Check out our list of 8th grade essay topics you should consider for your next assignment.

Scientific Topics

Science always make an interesting topic to discuss in an 8th grade essay, but there are so many angles and avenues, where do you begin? Here is a list of fascinating science topics that may just wow your teacher.

  • If science did prove ghosts really exist, why do you think they stay around after they have died?
  • If scientists could re-create people from the DNA left over in old bones, what do you think would be the outcome of this experiment?
  • You were killed in the present year and put in a cryogenic state. After 100 years scientists have found a cure for why you died and bring you "back to life," how would you feel and what changes has the world gone through?
  • If you had a time machine and could go back in history, where would you go and what would you witness?
  • If the world knew it was going to be destroyed by an asteroid in 5 years time, how do you think people would live? Would it be different or the same?

Social Topics

Writing an essay about social topics can include things you know about or be something you have to sit and ponder over. Check out these social-type topics to get your creative juices flowing.

  • What is the one part of your life you wish you could change and why?
  • Think about someone you haven't seen for many many years. What do you think they are doing right now? Do they look the same?
  • Imagine you couldn't use your cell phone or any social media for one month, what would it be like? Would there be any advantages to this?
  • When it comes to judging a person you do not know, is it right?
  • If you could walk into a photograph of people and interact with them, who would it be and why?

These are just the beginning of topics you could use for your 8th grade essay paper. Before you choose what your essay is going to be about, sit back and let your mind wander. You never know what awesome topics you may come up with that will have you making the grade.

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