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Coming Up With Good Essay Topics On Sports For College

Sport is one of the highest grossing forms of entertainment. Fans have been known to follow a particular team religiously ignoring their jobs, spouses and other responsibilities when matches are on. There have even been cases where players have been murdered by ‘fans’ who felt let down after a particularly disappointing match.

With that in mind you can see how the concept of sport can be especially ripe for the selection of topics. There is so much passion involved. Here are some things to consider in your selection:

What sport would you like to write about?

While cricket is a very popular sport in most English speaking countries, it has almost no fan base in America. You should bear in mind how likely your audience is to be familiar with a sport before you use it.

Are you a fan?

If you love soccer, it may be difficult for you to write objectively about it and this bias may make your essay lower in quality. Try to maintain a balance between writing something that you know enough about but are not too involved in to be objective.

What are your college’s most important teams?

If you college has an especially active croquet team, perhaps this is the direction that your writing should take.

Even with the above direction in mind, you should understand that many other things can influence your writing. Here are just a few topics that illustrate this:

  1. Sexism in sport funding
  2. Cheer-leading: Underrated sport or unnecessarily dangerous hobby?
  3. Should Americans be made to use the term soccer for their own football?
  4. How can racism be curbed in European soccer clubs?
  5. Diving: A history of theater on the football field
  6. Are officials in sporting clubs allowed to become rich off of the fans?
  7. Has baseball become insensitive to the needs of players of color?
  8. Are there unequal opportunities for young swimmers from poor communities?
  9. Should competitive eating be added to the Olympics roster?
  10. Should performance enhancing drugs be allowed?
  11. Have American football players been adequately warned about their increased risk of Alzheimer disease?
  12. How young is too young for participation in full contact martial arts tournaments?

Surely at least one of these has piqued your interests. Look at that topic closely and see how you can make it even more suited to your needs. Then you can use it for practice.

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