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14 Most Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics For 7th Graders

In 7th grade there are a lot of things that the students might try to learn about, but not all the students are usually at the same level. There are students who are naturally faster than their counterparts and then there are others who are of average ability. The beauty of learning at this level is that when they are taught about how to write an argumentative essay, all of them are brought back to the same level.

The students will in most cases learn to develop their analytical skills as they grow into the learning process, and before long they will be able to appreciate some of the challenges that are meant for students a grade or so above them. By default, an argumentative essay is the kind of paper where the student is expected to front their support or disagreement with a particular subject. They must in the same regard defend or criticize the topic based on factual information that they have access to. In this regard, the following are some of the easiest topics that you can give 7th grade students to help them develop an argumentative sense:

  • Discuss why technology makes us more lonely than we think we are

  • Explain how technology can be considered a distraction

  • With respect to text messaging services, how much is too much?

  • Do you ever get worried that we live in an environment where people are filming too much than they should?

  • Are online reviews trustworthy?

  • So many people today have obscured identities online. Should this be allowed or must everyone have their true identity?

  • Have you ever considered deleting your social network accounts? This includes things like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp

  • Explain why streaming TV online like through Netflix is the future of TV

  • Website filters in school prevent you from accessing some websites. Do you find this to be extremely restrictive?

  • How educational can cellphones be considered?

  • Discuss what it would feel like if you had a computer to grade your essays

  • Explain the differences between face to face learning and online learning, highlighting the benefits of either of them

  • Have you ever visited a live theater before? Does it offer a better experience than movies and TV?

  • Discuss the role of your role model in your life and explain how they spur you to become a better individual every other day.


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