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Looking For Outstanding Expository Essay Examples Online

Too often, people waffle on in their papers using jargon and buzz words, leading to confusion. An expository essay aims to cut through that muddle. In this type of paper, the writer sets out to present the information in as clear and straightforward a way as possible. The work is based on facts that are put forward in an even-handed fashion. There should never be any emotion or opinion noticeable in the paper.

The keywords to look for, if you think you are being asked to write this type of paper, are “explain” or “define.” You are not asked to favor one side of an argument, and you should refrain from expressing any beliefs on the subject of the paper.

    Yes, but what does a good paper look like?

  • First of all the thesis statement sets out the direction clearly
  • The introductory paragraph leads up to the thesis statement
  • The body paragraphs are where you present your information or the points you are analyzing in a logical and straight-forward manner.
  • The conclusion ties it all together, without adding any new information or repeating the words you have previously used.

Okay, where do I find an example?

There is a number of ways.

  • Online. Specify “academic” or “scholastic” in your browser search question, or you might find some dodgy sites.
    • Ask other students for their advice. They might be willing to pass on the sites they used.
  • Does your school or college Library keep samples of past work? Anything the library keeps is unlikely to be found online.
  • Other students can be a helpful source of more than information. They might let you read one of their old essays. But be real careful, a good tutor knows the work of previous students, so don’t even accidentally phrase things in the same way.
  • There are writing companies online that write papers for students. This isn’t a suggestion to cheat, merely pointing out that on their websites they showcase examples of the styles they use. It’s worth taking look.
  • Have you attended a writing lab at your school? Keeping exceptional past papers is common among labs because reading a good example is the best way to learn – that is why you are looking, right?
  • If all your other sources fail to produce what you are searching for then asked you your tutor. They tend to keep papers written by exceptional students. Yes, it seems a little lame, but being able to see a perfect sample is better than turning in substandard work.
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