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List Of Unique Persuasive Essay Topics Related To Business

The persuasive essay is one where your job is to persuade the readers that your perspective or your point of view or the information you are presenting is appropriate, accurate, or perhaps better suited then a different idea. If you are writing about business then you want to present adequate support and evidence so that the reader sees that your idea is the best idea. There are many potential topics out there related to this subject.

Remember that no matter which topic you select the overall purpose is to present enough evidence that your perspective is considered the right perspective. This means you must conduct a great deal of research to find the best supporting statistics or authoritative quotes or other forms of data.

If you are having difficulty selecting a persuasive business topic consider the examples listed below. But remember that these are only meant as a guide and you should use them as a jumping off point from which to find topics you personally are interested in covering.

  • You can craft a unique perspective about the ethics of money laundering or white-collar crime. To make your particular assignment very unique you can focus on how people who entrust their savings to a complete stranger simply because they do not feel like taking ownership of their financial future should not be afforded the freedom to sue somebody who is then caught for embezzling the money or otherwise misusing it
  • You can craft a unique paper which explores the usefulness of business education and how all students should be required to complete a rudimentary course on business during the course of their high school careers
  • You can review the many career opportunities in the world of business
  • You can explore how tax codes were written to benefit businesses and those who made the most money and how businesses which enjoy many tax breaks are, in essence, utilizing a legal form of tax evasion.
  • Review the role that media plays in business. Compare the presentation of data from one story as it was presented in a local news outlets, and international news outlets, and a non-bias source of global intelligence updates. From this you can compare the original data presented by the global intelligence update and how that data was used to create a small story in an international media outlet compared to the large story which a smaller local media outlets created

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