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The 18 Best Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School Students

Argumentative essay topics include issues and subjects’ people have strong viewpoints about. This means you can choose something you feel a strong connection to, while being about to discuss both sides of your claim. A good topic you know about or willing to research further will make writing your essay easy. Here are a few tips on finding good topic ideas along with sample ideas to encourage your own content.

Argument Paper Writing: Choosing a Good Topic and Sample Ideas to Get You Started

Writing an argument paper is a simple process. Think of it as a way of having a debate with someone you know about a topic. You need to have an idea that you can include both sides of conflict, but have each side make your claim standout. Opinions related to your thesis statement should help your essay topic standout. To get additional insight on what to write about consider essay writing samples with similar content you find through homework help sites and academic paper databases.

Your topic selection should be something you know about or at least be willing to further research. You can select an idea relevant to students your age or an argument you would like to see resolved. Here are 18 argument essay topic ideas to consider.

  1. Smoking should be banned.
  2. Junk food is better than eating nothing at all.
  3. Students attending college should be required to stay on campus.
  4. Bullying can encourage people to be better at what they do.
  5. Students should not engage in social networking.
  6. Terror groups should be easier to destroy.
  7. Identity theft is a growing problem among children.
  8. Laughing can reduce stress and anxiety.
  9. The most powerful country in the world (your choice country).
  10. Sex appeal in music videos should be banned.
  11. An argumentative essay can explore why teenagers should have the right to vote.
  12. Bankruptcy does not solve financial problems.
  13. Marketing of products such as cigarettes and alcohol should not be allowed.
  14. An argumentative essay can look into why people should refrain from plastic surgery.
  15. Men shouldn’t have to be courteous to women.
  16. More research should be done regarding male pregnancies.
  17. Banks should make it easier for people to borrow money.
  18. National and state lottery gambling games should be banned.
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