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What Do I Need To Know To Write My Essay Properly?

There are dozens of different styles of essays, and remembering how to compose each one can make a person crazy. Communication, in the written form, is one of the most desirable qualities in a person entering the work force. Businesses are looking for people who can articulate clearly and carefully while delivering an easy to understand message. Follow these tips to help to remember how to write your paper correctly.


  • The Teacher’s Instructions: First and foremost, read the instructions the teacher gives you when he or she assigns the composition. Most of what you need to know is given to you at this stage.
  • MLA or APA: What form you are using matters. And each style is very different than the other one. Once you know this, either bookmark a page that gives instructions or buy a guidebook.
  • Works Cited or Bibliography: The odds are very great that you will need either a Works Cited or a Bibliography page. If the instructions do not tell you which you need, then ask. A bibliography is everything you looked at and a Works Cited is only the sources you use listed.
  • Citations: When you use a source, you have to cite. The way to cite is different for MLA than APA.
  • As a rule: you will write in size 12 font, in a basic font like Arial or New Times Roman, you will have an one inch margin all the way around, only an PA will have a title page, MLA will have page headings, and all writing rules must be followed.
  • Third Person: keep your paper in third person, unless your teacher specifically states you can use first or second person.
  • Go for help: If your teacher offers extra help or your school has a writing lab, then go to these places for help.
  • What to Turn In to the Teacher: Find out what you need to submit to the teacher. You may need a working outline, a final outline, all of your hard copies of sources, your rough draft, your final draft, and your reference page.

Print this paper and keep it as a reference. Staple it to the front of your writing notebook. It will help you to know what is needed for you to write your essay properly. You can refer to it every time you have a composition due.

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