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Composing A Solid Cause And Effect Essay On Abortion: General Hints

The definition of a cause and effect essay

A cause and effect essay is a piece of academic writing which first describes a cause and then elucidate the consequences. Cause and effect essay is mainly given to high school students or first year in grad school – as the part of the curriculum. Abortion is a controversial issue and makes for great subject of a cause and effect article.

General hints to write cause and effect essay on abortion

  • Organize the idea of your article
  • Before you start for your journey, it’s awfully crucial to organize your thoughts coherently. If you are devising the article all over abortion, then think- how would you like to place the event of abortion in your article- as the cause or as the effect? If abortion is the cause, then what could be the possible effects (ex- moral decay, imbalance of male-female ratio in case of gender selection, fall of health of the mother for intermittent abortions etc.)? The reverse is also true if abortion comes as the consequence.

  • Arrange your thoughts
  • Your thoughts should be put together in a coherent manner. Before you start writing the original article, it’s highly vital that you first craft a rough idea about how you will go ahead with it. Cause and effect articles need your support in terms of- data, logic, anecdotes, statistics and reasoning. Your emotion should take a backseat here and your critical mind must sit behind the steering.

  • Set the tone
  • Do you want to keep the tone of your article persuasive? Or it should be informative? Based on the purpose behind your article, you need to gather data, collect thoughts and pen down logic accordingly.

  • Decide about the outline
  • Generally, a cause and effect article contains five paragraphs, though a format with four paragraphs is also prevalent. If you have chosen the former, then the structure should be like this- introduction, Para I (cause), Para II (effect), Para III ( amalgamation of these two), conclusion. Although do bear it in mind that the Para III must look like the natural extension of the previous two paragraphs.

  • Remember the priceless transition words
  • As stated above, the third paragraph is the most important one. Here, you need to put forward your best arguments in support of the theme. To make the fusion of cause and effect more natural, you should use words like – because, for, due to in case of cause. For effects, the transition words would be- as a result of, consequently, hence and so on.

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