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How To Check Your Essay Online For Free: Useful Advice

A good essay becomes even better when exposed to good proofreading and editing. This is only achieved through thorough checking. Here are some tips that can allow you to accomplish this online completely without charge.

Ask a paying academic content service for a freebie

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with writing companies that will produce academic content for a fee. Fewer people realize that it is not uncommon for such companies to offer free services to people they think might one day become clients. It’s part of the negotiation process and it continues because many of the freebie recipients actually do become paying clients after getting such good service. Whether you join their ranks or not is your personal choice but you can use this opportunity to get your essay skillfully checked gratis.

Send out the request on various social media platforms

If you are a social butterfly and have many friends on your social media, you can let them all know instantaneously that you have writing you need looked over. In no time at all, you can have several of them check your essay at the same time. Even if one or two of the checkers is less than ideal, together they can uncover most if not all of your errors. It’s a bit like crowd-sourcing your editing.

Run your essay through plagiarism software

There are several free online plagiarism checkers and this is an aspect of editing that many people neglect. In moments you can get an idea of what extent of your essay will appear plagiarized to your teacher or lecturer. Even if you believe that all of your content is original, source amnesia may lead you to accept work as your own that you merely cannot remember having seen elsewhere before.

Use a free online spell checking service

Word processors are not all created equal. If, for instance, you find yourself using one of the free options, it’s not a bad idea to run your work through an additional online spell checking program just to make sure you get rid of those pesky errors that seem to remain despite your best efforts. This is a great idea if you find your own work tends to switch abruptly between American and British English and your word processor cannot keep you consistent.

Remember despite all of this that most of this process must be completed by you.

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