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What Should I Write In An Essay On Why I Want To Be A Nurse?

The application for most nursing programs requires you to write an essay on why you want to be a nurse. Despite it being a common requirement that students think about for several months, when the time comes to finally write the essay students freeze up not knowing exactly what should be included. The following explains what needs to be written in order to create a great piece that stands apart from the rest:

Do Not Include Your Life Story

One of the biggest mistakes students make when writing this kind of essay is providing long-winded accounts of their entire lives. This is the fastest way to lose a reader’s interest. Focus on just one aspect of your life, preferably the one that provides the greatest weight for why you want to be a nurse. You want to be as detailed as possible with your response, but if you don’t focus on just one idea, you won’t be able to delve into a topic thoroughly.

Address Each Question Precisely

No matter what type of program you are applying for, it is vital that you do exactly what the committee expects you to do. And a basic requirement with all applications is address each part of the essay prompt. Underline each part and write out a few sentences answering them precisely. Develop these ideas further until you have more than enough content to meet the essay’s minimum word count.

Include an Intro and Conclusion

Despite the limited word count you should still employ some kind of structure in your essay. We recommend you use either a five-paragraph or four-paragraph form which includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Your introduction and conclusion may be only a few sentences long, but they are important in clearly defining a start and a finish to your work, and can help in making the work feel complete and whole.

Provide Details and Descriptions

Finally, be sure you have filled your essay with vivid details and descriptions. Before you start writing it may help to make a chart or list of all the topics you wish to discuss and make a list of related “descriptive” words to explain each. It might seem challenging to address each of the five senses with your descriptions, but the more you bring the picture to life the more you will make a familiar connection with the reader.


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