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18 Great Topics For An Argumentative Essay: Ideas For College Students

There are several important things you have to keep in mind when searching for a good argumentative paper topic. Be sure to consider them or your project might fail before you actually start working on it.

  • Do not be offensive.
  • Choosing some controversial topic is definitely a smart move as this will draw more attention to your paper. However, you should be careful when wording both your topic and your arguments. Neither must be offensive r you will lose points right from the start. In case your teacher supports the opposing point of view, you definitely won’t get a good grade for this assignment.

  • Write about something you know.
  • To support your arguments properly, you must understand the subject well. This will ensure that you create a high quality persuasive paper.

  • Chose something relevant.
  • You will be able to make a better impression on people if you choose a topic that is popular at the moment. Offer some original arguments to support your opinion and be sure to find some good evidence.

If you still struggle with deciding what to write about, here are 18 interesting suggestions:

  1. Current water crisis is more severe and dangerous than fuel crisis.
  2. Violent video games do not cause behavioral problems in children but can exacerbate them.
  3. E-marketing is more efficient than traditional marketing.
  4. Student’s competency cannot be judged by the results of standard tests.
  5. Global warming is most serious ecological issue.
  6. Abortion is not immoral.
  7. Animal testing is inefficient and should be prohibited.
  8. Capital punishment needs to be reinstated in all states.
  9. People are directly responsible for the current climate changes.
  10. The U.S. is too focused on global issues and doesn’t pay enough attention to local problems.
  11. Production, sale, and use of cigarettes should be made illegal because they are drugs.
  12. Faculty evaluation results should be displayed on public boards like students’ report cards.
  13. Teenage mothers should get more support from the government.
  14. Marijuana shouldn’t be legalized for any purpose except medicine.
  15. There should be more vending machines on campuses.
  16. Living together is a better option than legal marriage.
  17. Cloning is not unethical.
  18. There is no such thing as complete gender equality.

Remember to build your arguments based on logic and solid evidence from reliable sources. You have to be sure that your defense is foolproof or your opposition will be able to ruin it quickly. This will affect your grade.

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