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8 Challenging Topics For Writing A How-To Essay

When you really want to shine, you should choose a tricky topic that has steps that are difficult to describe, or require uncommon skills, or have many complicated conditions that change the sequence of events. Here are some examples of challenging topics for how-to essays that will flex your writing muscles, but make you shoot to the top of the class.

  1. How to discipline a child
  2. Disciplining a child is an extremely difficult task. There are a number of schools of thought on discipline, so choose one and explain how you would go about disciplining a child according to the theory you’ve chosen.

  3. How to make friends
  4. Another task that’s tough for many people is making friends. Thankfully, there are many theories about it, so choose one and learn a bit about it. Then write your how-to essay about making friends.

  5. How to be a good person
  6. This is a philosophical question that has been asked countless times throughout history, and writing a how-to essay about it will not be easy. There are a number of different angles you can choose to write from, such as a philosophical angle, a religious angle, or even a legal angle.

  7. How to be a good spouse
  8. If marriage were easy, there would be very few divorces, so clearly it’s not a simple matter. You can write your paper about how to be a good spouse. Try finding out about some of the leading marriage counselling theories, and incorporate those.

  9. How to train your dragon
  10. Seeing as dragons don’t really exist, this won’t be an easy topic. But it’ll certainly be a fun one! Have a look at some of the many fantasy novels to find out about how to train dragons. Then write your paper according to one of their strategies.

  11. How to play the piano
  12. Most people will agree that playing the piano is a complicated task. Find some books and websites about teaching people to play the piano, and describe it step-by-step in your work.

  13. How to live a good life
  14. This is another philosophical question that has been asked innumerable times throughout history, and writing a how-to essay about this topic will also will be extremely challenging. Here too, there are a number of different approaches you can choose to write your piece from, such as a philosophical approach, a religious approach, or even a health approach.

  15. How to squirrel-proof your bird feeder
  16. Let’s face it, squirrels have been outwitting us for decades. Perhaps you’ll be the one who finally outwits the squirrels. Write your how-to essay about squirrel-proofing your bird feeder.

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