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10 Great Suggestions For English Essay Topics For College Students

Your English essay will be a success if you start it properly. Magnetize you readers, grab them, and make read the whole story. If your first sentences make people think, “wow! That’s really makes a sense…”, or, “really? I’ve never thought about it before!”, than you’ve done half of the job. Unfortunately, you won’t manage to keep readers’ interest if you start researching some boring issue. It is vital that the topic be interesting, current, controversial, and new (or, at least, the one that sheds new light on an old problem.) Make use of the following suggestions for catchy topics that will be particularly appropriate for college students struggling with their English essays.

  1. Relationships in all their aspects.
  2. Raise any hot-button issue on relations. What is your attitude towards gay marriages? Have your parents divorced? Do you have any problems with your boyfriend (girlfriend)? Take any relations problem of your personal concern, and your English essay will touch the reader on the raw.

  3. Terrorism.
  4. Unfortunately, this is a burning issue of nowadays; therefore, if you effectively research any aspects of this problem, your essay will be a hit. Pay attention to political, economic, and social layers of the issue.

  5. Technologies and how do they impact our lives.
  6. Investigate how the Internet influences our characters and habits. Dig deeper into the danger of using cell phones. Explore how video games affect children behaviors.

  7. Health issues.
  8. The modern health care system is so much discussed that why not use this subject for your essay? You are likely to find lots of controversial opinions on the issue.

  9. Education.
  10. This is your chance to officially discuss your college education. Being a student, you are likely to know all the pitfalls of studying in college. Make your suggestions on how to improve current educational system.

  11. Legalization of death penalty.
  12. Essay topic on death penalty is a safe choice. The opinions on the issue are still 50 to 50.

  13. Legalization of marijuana.
  14. Similarly to the previous topic, this question has been widely argued for years. Research the problem and offer your view.

  15. Politics.
  16. If you are keen on politics, let your interest inspire you. Do not only explore political life or existing political problems, but share your ideas.

  17. Gender.
  18. Gender issues have always been worth discussion. Your essay will reflect your attitude towards any gender problem of nowadays.

  19. Science versus religion.
  20. Raise any problem that is treated differently by scientific and religious views. Add your unbiased opinion and make your readers think.

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