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A List Of Strong Argumentative Essay Topics About Euthanasia

Euthanasia is the right to die; as simple as it. It is interesting to note that you can be jailed even while unsuccessfully trying to commit suicide; that is; ending your own life. Life is precious in the eyes of the Government and no one has the right to take that; not even you.

A worsening situation

A strong argumentative essay naturally creeps up from this premise. There are situations when established doctors feel a patient has no chance to live. The relatives feel the pinch of extreme expenses and also remain under constant emotional stress of seeing their dying relative in a vegetative state or worse.

The monetary factor

The argumentative essay may ensconce into the monetary factor. After all, the expenses incurred on a patient in his terminal stage are too much. In that wake, it often seems a suitable decision to let the patient die and thus be free of all the expenses. The thought may be insensitive but surely sensible and provides a veritable feast for the argumentative essay.

Garnering public support

Also, there is a lot of public support towards Euthanasia. In fact, countries like Holland have actually made it legal. The problem, as its stands is Hippocratic Oath; an inveterate oath taken by the doctors that they will not let the patient die till it is humanely possible for them to ensure it. Euthanasia surely defeats this oath.

Zing for the essay

The fact that euthanasia has to be approved by the relevant doctor adds zing to the essay topic and makes it more contentious. Some people fear that this may be a case of colonial expansion. Slowly, the doctors may refer even those patients for euthanasia who have a realistic chance of surviving. After all, people take doctors at their words and hardly content them.

Here is a list of 10 strong argumentative essay topics on euthanasia –

  1. Are Governments ethical to take a call on euthanasia?
  2. When should patients be allowed eligibility for euthanasia?
  3. Should euthanasia be allowed for Government officials?
  4. Is euthanasia a topic worthy of discussion among students?
  5. Should social media play a part in the legalization or extermination of euthanasia?
  6. Should healthcare centers take Church arbitration on euthanasia?
  7. Should the call be different for vegetative patients as opposed terminally ill patients?
  8. Should there be an independent auditing on whether the patient is eligible for euthanasia or not?
  9. Does euthanasia actually save lives?
  10. Will the legalization of euthanasia make the case of people charged for trying to commit suicide convenient?
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