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Despite all the information about the health risks related to smoking, some people just can’t seem to kick the habit. Because smoking is an addictive action, governments in various countries have taken it upon themselves to discourage it as much as possible. They have employed two major ways of doing this which will be discussed in this essay.

Smokers want to quit

It seems that most people who are hooked on smoking actually want to stop, but are simply not able to. Addiction to nicotine can have a strong hold on someone, especially if they have been smoking for a long time. Smoking laws have been put into place to try and discourage this habit, and this may at times seem as if it is malicious towards smokers. However, after court cases against tobacco companies and the deaths of thousands due to smoking and second hand smoke, these governments are only doing what it perceives the public wants.

Higher taxation on smoking

The first of these strategies implemented by governments is to place a higher tax on cigarettes. Consumers must now fit a higher bill if they wish to continue in their habit. In some countries, this strategy has had a very significant effect on smokers. Many are not willing to pay exorbitant prices so they either stop smoking altogether, or they cut down significantly. After many successes, other countries have followed suit and smoking is slowly being reduced across the world—according to statistics.

Strict laws on smoking public

Another law which has created a stigma with smoking is the prohibitions placed on certain areas. These no-smoking areas allow for the public to be unhindered by those who smoke. Designated smoking areas now feature in many restaurants while other restaurants forbid smoking completely. Seeing someone smoking is now frowned upon and people are actually confronting smokers in public areas about how damaging it is to their health and the health of others. This too has discouraged smoking a great deal.

Though smokers may feel mildly victimized by these strategies, it seems fair to mention that they are measures taken for their own good. Since addiction is predominantly against the will of the addicted person, a gradual discouragement may go a long way to curb cravings and lead many to quit. So will the lack of money and a growing stigma towards smoking reduce the amount of smoking in the world? Only time will tell.

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