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List Of Topics For Compare And Contrast Essays Related To Countries

The purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to determine the differences and similarities between two subjects. This can be divided into 2 stages: in addition to naming the differences and similarities, you will also need to explain why they are significant. Your arguments should be strong and convincing. To create a meaningful paper it’s important to select a suitable topic.

How to Pick Up a Perfect Compare and Contrast Essay Topic?

  • Choose comparable issues.
  • Before making the ultimate decision, you should conduct a small research. If your task is to compare the countries, make sure they have something in common. It’s unlikely that Saudi Arabia and Australia have lots of similarities. Though all countries are interconnected today, sometimes it’s hard to find out what one has to do with the other.

  • Make it significant.
  • Your task is not to discuss two countries, but to explain why you bring them together. Take up some burning issue or global problem and describe how different states deal with it, so that your essay can have some meaning.

  • Narrow the topic.
  • Simply comparing and contrasting such countries as Germany and Austria can take months if you consider all aspects. Focus on geography, politics, economics or culture of the states you’ve chosen.

Best Countries to Compare and Contrast

  • Religions in Iran and Iraq.

  • What Palestine and Israel have in common?

  • Is the Russian Federation similar to the Russian Empire?

  • Education in Japan and the US.

  • How does life in South Korea differ from life in North Korea?

  • The military power of Russia and the USA.

  • Standards of living in the South African Republic and Namibia.

  • American and British mentality.

  • The effects of the global economic crisis in Poland and Ukraine.

  • Is Scotland very different from England?

  • Welfare programs in the US and in Canada.

  • Is calling Singapore the “Switzerland of Asia” justified?

  • Freedom of speech in Belarus and China.

  • Tourism in Brazil and Peru.

  • Differences between Australia and Great Britain.

  • Sanitation services in India and the USA.

  • Political crisis in Livia and Egypt.

  • What does South Ossetia have to do with Transnistria?

  • Finnish and Swiss neutrality.

  • Is it better to live in Luxembourg or in Liechtenstein?

  • Cultural differences between Spain and Cuba.

  • Chinese and Indian economies.

  • Internet availability in Algeria and Angola.

  • Comparison of Monaco and San Marino.

  • Industries in Mexico and Canada.
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