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The Definition Of An Argumentative Essay: Tips And Tricks For Dummies

An argumentative essay is a paper that works to explain one side of an issue. They are usually written on controversial topics which are ones where there are just about as many supporters as the opposition. You don’t have to write a topic on a controversial issue but they are the best topics for this type of essay because there is a lot of information for either side of the issue. The main idea is to explain an issue, state your opinion, prove your opinion, and refute the opposing view.

Tips and Tricks

  • Write an outline first to make sure that you present your evidence in the most effective order. You may want to present your weakest topic first so that you put your strongest argument right before the paragraph that mentions the opposing view and the rebuttal.
  • This type of paper will have an extra paragraph where in the body. It will list the view of the opposing side and then offers specific reasons to refute it. This is what makes this essay such a strong essay.
  • You must present your ideas using evidence. You will be expressing your opinion but only through evidence. You need to work on writing your paper free of emotion. You want to just present the evidence that proves your side of the issue is correct. This is what distinguishes it from a persuasive essay. The persuasive essay will enter the author’s opinion and lack a rebuttal. Make sure that you don’t make the mistake of writing that type of essay instead because all though they are alike, they are not the same.
  • This essay will have either four or six paragraphs. You can write it in four paragraphs with an introduction, body paragraph proving the thesis, a rebuttal paragraph, and a conclusion. You can also break the body paragraph in to three different paragraphs with each one of them explaining a different supporting detail. The rebuttal should be in a separate paragraph no matter which method you choose to use.

The key to writing this type of essay is to choose your side of the issue and then work to prove that the side you chose is the right side of the issue. It is essential to provide your audience with enough evidence to prove it. You should use direct quotes from various articles to support your claims.

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