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Selecting Good Persuasive Essay Topics On Sports: Top 30 Suggestions For College

An essay is a detailed description of a topic. A person should write an essay on a topic that suits him the best. As the person has to do a lot of research he should do it on the topic that interests him. In the field of sports a person can write on the following topics.

  1. Practice
  2. It can be written how discipline and daily practice is necessary.

  3. Manager
  4. How a manager is important for an effective working in a player’s life can be explained. To lead a stress less life a player needs a manager.

  5. Trainers
  6. Learning new techniques is very important and the trainers help in those. Also if a player is not doing some exercise in the correct position it is the trainer’s responsibility to make it right.

  7. Workers behind the scene
  8. A great essay can be written on the topic that how workers help in proper functioning of the sports person. How they help in maintain fields and locker rooms.

  9. Loyal fans
  10. Motivation is very important for all the sports persons. Fans are the pillars of a sports person as their support helps in a player’s performance.

  11. Referees
  12. Referees lead a difficult life as well. Their decisions are often criticized. A quality paper can be written explaining their back-stories.

  13. Coaches
  14. Coaches are very essential in building of a good sportsperson. They help the players in improving their game and motivating them.

  15. Following the steps of elder siblings
  16. Sometimes some children enter sports because their elder siblings were in sports. A quality paper can be written on how they entered sports and what kind of pressure they have to face to maintain the family name.

  17. Nicknames in sports room
  18. There are many nicknames given to the team members in sports. It can be written on their significance.

  19. Team leaders
  20. Character of a team leader plays an important role in the win or loses of a team. The following topic can be written on in an expanded form.

  21. Great wins
  22. All the great wins are memorable. These wins change a person’s life forever. Hence, it can be written on how a great win has affected a person’s life.

  23. Uniforms
  24. Every team has their own uniform. These uniforms show some kind of significance to the teams.

  25. Mascots
  26. There are different mascots assigned to different teams or leagues. It can be written on their significance.

  27. Superstitions
  28. There are some superstitions followed to bring the team to their best level. Every team has its own superstition.

  29. Pre-game routine
  30. Routines like warm ups, or having a drink with team mates before game is followed in every team.

  31. Passing time activities
  32. In the absence of coach everyone likes to do something they are not supposed to.

  33. Heartbreaking losses
  34. Win and lose come hand in hand.

  35. Motivation
  36. Drive is very important to give the best.

  37. Film watching
  38. Studying of opponent’s behavior is one of the favorite and necessary tasks of the team.

  39. Memorable plays
  40. Some games are always there, in which a team might have lost but has gained many memories.

  41. Bus breakdown
  42. Incidents like going to a different district for playing a game and bus breaking down must have happened to all the teams.

  43. Pep talks
  44. Pep talks are very important to motivate players

  45. Parents
  46. Some parents support their children whereas some don’t like their child running in the field.

  47. New teams
  48. When the seniors graduate the freshmen enter the teams, which leads to formation of new teams.

  49. Making the grade
  50. Sometimes a student’s grade may suffer because of his entire focus on sports

  51. Drug and steroid use
  52. Drugs must be avoided as in long term they give a harmful effect.

  53. Injuries
  54. Sometimes while playing a player may get injured due to which he has to take a break from the game.

  55. Media impact
  56. The publicizing of media affects a sportspersons behavior.

  57. Employment
  58. Often sportsperson are worried that whether they will find a job based on sports or not.

  59. History
  60. The emerging trends of sports. How the ways have changed in sports from before.

Hence, an impactful essay can be written from the above topics.


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