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A List Of Good Essay Topics On The Vietnam War: How To Impress Your Professor

The Vietnam war may was one of the few major battles that happened in the lifetime of most people alive today and it is rumored to be one of the harshest military events of the 20th century. Mainly attributed to the power struggle between communism and democracy, this issue was considered to be connected to the cold war. Here are some essay topics on the Vietnam war that could help you impress your professor:

  • How this conflict could have been avoided had the western forces been equipped with better intelligence.
  • The Vietnam war as a symbolic act of democracy demonstrating the power of freedom versus oppression.
  • My life as a veteran survivor having fought in the Eastern continents for the freedom of a people I do not know.
  • Show how the battle of the Gulf of Tonkin has affected the state of affairs concerning the war in Vietnam.
  • The strategies and tactics of General Westmoreland as an influential factor in the outcome of the entire conflict in which he was involved.
  • How did the use of guerrilla tactics serve to significantly turn the tide of the encounter in favor of the communist allies.
  • Show why the famous Tet Offensive came to be a significant and pivotal factor in the conflict between the nations of different ideologies.
  • The reasons behind the termination of the conflict in Vietnam and why it was able to accomplish this feat.
  • Give an account of reasons supporting the involvement of powerful western states in a conflict that was not taking place in close proximity to their homeland.
  • What are the factors that led the Vietnam conflict? Are they justified or could this issue have been settled by more diplomatic means?
  • Was the use of bombs and long range attacks of any significance to the eventual outcome of the conflict, or was this wide spread, unscrupulous loss of life unnecessary?
  • During the conflict in the East, was there any possibility of identifying a clear winner based on statistical data?
  • Often belittled by society, was the contribution of females to war efforts of any significance to the outcome of the conflict?
  • How are the surviving children that were being used as tools during this conflict faring today?
  • Do movies portray an accurate representation of the reality of this particular conflict or are they biased in favor of the producing nations?
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