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Top 22 Great Personal Narrative Essay Writing Prompts

Writing about yourself can be easy for some people but most of us will need a few prompts and idea to guide us to some thoughts and notions to help us make a start on a really good personal narrative essay.

Try these top 22 prompts

  1. My secret Talent. Everyone has a talent that nobody else has. This may not be a conventional talent such as sewing or writing it could be something unique!

  2. If I could see only one color. This could be your favorite color. How different would it be to just seeing shades of black & white? Do you think things would look better?

  3. What is the best holiday I could go on? On the face of it this could be a quite run of the mill topic, think about something out of the ordinary, learn a skill or craft.

  4. What I think has been the greatest invention. What do you think is the invention that has had the most impact on your life or the life of your family? Why?

  5. Life in 2020. What would you like to be doing then? What changes do you think there will be within the world and especially in Politics or Technology?

  6. My uncle or aunt is the President. What would it be like? Do you think that you would get to do some cool things with your aunt or uncle?

  7. My Hero. Hero’s don’t always wear capes and fly, they are usually normal people that can provide help and support for other people and are often unrecognized.

  8. The most embarrassing thing that has happened to me. This could be a humorous story that you wish to share through the essay, it can be real or imaginary.

  9. When I was small. Parents often talk about how different things were when they were children, write about your own childhood and the changes that you have experienced.

  10. If I could live in another time in the past. When would it be? What differences do you think there would be in education and health.

  11. My greatest achievement. This does not have to be school related. It could be something like removing a spider form your bedroom or learning to swim.

  12. Something I wish that I possessed. This could be a talent or an actual possession. IT could be something that you or someone else could benefit from.

  13. The day I got lost. Most people have a humorous story about an incident when they got lost. Just tell the story and include lots of detail.

  14. My Parents were right. Not many children like to admit that their parents are right, but a story about how listening to parents is sometimes a good idea.

  15. My Invention. You may not have invented this – it may not even be practical to invent but what would you like to invent and why?

  16. The most beautiful think that I have seen. This story will give you chance to use lots of descriptive language.

  17. What I keep under my bed. This can be a totally fabricated story, the success of this story would be in the reasons you keep what you do under the bed.

  18. If I were an animal I would be. You will need to give reasons for wanting to be this animal. The animal can be a real animal or a fantasy one such as a unicorn.

  19. My Earliest Memory. Many people can remember back to when they were small children, some can remember things in great detail.

  20. What I love about my sister/brother/best friend. This is a great chance to put into words what you feel about the best qualities that another person has.

  21. My favorite food. Does it remind you of a particular place or person? If you ate it all of the time do you think that it would still be your favorite meal?

  22. The Movie that I would like to Star in. Do you have a favorite movie or movie character? Give your reasons.
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