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List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For 10th Graders

Finding good persuasive essay topics suitable for 10th graders is not that difficult. There are thousands of web pages and portals that have many diffident titles. The trick is finding one that has not been used by other students already. The good persuasive essay topics suitable for 10th graders should be unique and original. Even if you pick a title that has been used by other students, you will have to change the angel in which you are going to explore it. By changing the perspective you will get a new title that is sure to pique the reader’s interest. Here is a list of some of the best titles that you can work on.

The right title is crucial for your essay

If you want decent grades you will have to work on good persuasive essay topics suitable for 10th graders. The right title will help you in getting the teacher’s attention and also make your paper stand out from the rest. The title has to be chosen carefully so that the reader finds interest and you can write informative points. You can choose a unique and also original subject but it may be so obscure that you will have a hard time finding proper information about it.

Some good persuasive essay topics suitable for 10th graders:

  • Are we behind all the global warming playing havoc with the world climate or is it a natural cycle?

  • Are governing authorities taking enough precaution to stop environmental pollution?

  • A dog that bites a man is put down. Is it right? Is it always the animal’s fault?

  • Should teenagers be allowed to access social media networks?

  • Should death penalties be done away with?

  • Should Smoking be completely banned? Keeping in mind, the number of passive smokers who get lung cancer every year

  • Should kids be allowed to play violent video games with graphic contents?

  • Should schools do away with the practice of assigning homework to students and concentrate more on classroom activities and performance?

  • Education should not be so expensive. Should the colleges bring down the tuition fees and still maintain their standards?

  • Is our society becoming too much dependent on technology for their day to day work habits?

  • Should students be allowed to carry guns in college campus?

  • Should workplaces also have a stringent dress code? Or should they be more lenient and allow employees to come in casuals more often?
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