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The Top 10 Best College Essay Topics That Can Make For A Solid Paper

The best piece of advice when you are writing a college essay is to make sure that your topic is not too complex because if it is you will find that it will take away from your skills as a writer. You need to showcase your skills rather than try to develop a multifaceted piece that will need serious research and analytical skills. Try some of these themes.

  • Workaholics – are they just overachievers? If people work hard and long hours over an extended period of time is the work they produce just as effective as if they had taken more rest time?

  • Mass produced clothing – is mass produced clothing worth the effect that it has on its workers who work long hours for very little money? Does the availability of mass produced clothing take away our individuality?

  • Why study Latin? - Latin is rarely studied in schools anymore. Why do you think that this has happened? What use is Latin? Are there other languages that should be on the curriculum?

  • Is school discipline effective? Why are the suspension and exclusion rates rising? Are schools as disciplined as they were 20 years ago? What changes should be made or should the rules stay as they are?

  • If you were President what changes would you like to make? Detail what you would do and why? Would you try to make changes beyond the country or would you support a program for world peace?

  • Space Travel – where would you go? Who would you take with you and why? How long would your exploration last? What would you like to bring back to Earth? What if you could colonize another planet?

  • Reality TV – what would be the ultimate Reality TV program? Do you think that there are too many reality shows? Why do you think that Reality shows are so popular? Do you think that they would have been so popular 20 years ago?

  • Religion – what has been the effect of religion on wars that have been fought in the past? Why do you think that people find it difficult to tolerate the religion of other people?

  • Illness – If you had the chance to cure one illness what would it be? Give your reasons. What training would you need to develop a cure for this illness? By curing that illness do you think that another illness would become predominant?

  • Paternity leave – why is it important for fathers to have time away from work after their child is born? How does differ from when your grandparents had children? What has been the impact on society and in the workplace?

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